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Fee-tation Without Representation

Politicians like to create villains before raising taxes or using today’s nomenclature raising fees.  Politicians do not raise taxes, they charge fees.  Groups like the evil health insurance companies, big pharma, Wall Street, big oil, and big defense have all been in the sights of liberals/politicians/progressives. 

True American Hero – Betsy McCaughey

mccaugheyBetsy McCaughey is the former lieutenant governor from New York.  It is unclear how a Pittsburgher ended up in New York, but we will forgive her as she has become one of the most articulate voices for sanity in the health care debate.  In a nutshell, she has been speaking against the massive overhaul proposed by the Obama Administration.  She has had the nerve to use facts and figures to dispute claims by Pelosi, Reid, and Obama to scare folks into supporting their efforts.  With all of their efforts, however, Rasmussen reports that 54 percent of Americans oppose the new plan (44% strongly opposed) while 42 percent (down from 45%) support the plan (only 23% strongly support).

Babel n’ Womyn

Imagine being one of only few in a place dominated by others who are different than you.  Your career is spent in a rather hostile environment and your peers always seem to be against you.  Conversations stop when you enter a room.  People are trying to get you fired.  Your choices seem limited to either cowering or quitting.

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington.  Mike is a conservative professor at a university dominated by liberals.  He has found a different way to deal with being a minority on campus.  He pushes back and uses humor.  I had heard Mike S. Adams several times on radio interviews and found his stories outrageous, funny, and frightening.  Frightening that his experiences are actually happening in this day and age.