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True American Heroes – Carrie Prejean

The Miss USA Pageant is not high on the list of anyone’s must see television.  It seems like a kind of antiquated show from the past.  Many probably did not know that it was even still on the air.  My only real memory of the contest was when long-time host Bert Parks sang the theme song as that year’s winner took her victory lap.  Actually thanks to Glenn Beck this morning, I learned that there is actually a Miss America Pageant (that’s the one Bert Parks hosted) and Miss USA Pageant (Trump’s version).

I Am From the Government and I Am Here to Help – Part 5

Part 5 – Mushroom Farmers

I was going to call this Dyson (that fancy sweeper) to allow you to imagine that sucking sound as you think about the amount of money that will be sucked out of our wallets.  I could have also called it “No Apologies Necessary” or “Pay No Attention to What I Said Before” or “Look at How Much I Can Get for $26/Month” or “They’re Stupid and Will Accept What We Tell Them.”


This was a big weekend for those of us who like sports.  Add to that the season premier of Fox’s “24” and that’s a great weekend.  Unfortunately, I am not the only person wanting to watch the “big” TV.  I was asked to peek in on the Golden Globe Awards at one point.  It was actually the red carpet preview show.  I flipped and was treated by an interview with the star of Ugly Betty. 

The first question was about whether she was going to follow up her campaigning (I presumed for our president elect) and get more involved in politics in the future.  Click.  I had enough and did not listen to her response.  Remote controls are great.