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Lethal Agent

It’s hard for me to believe that Lethal Agent is the 16th in the Mitch Rapp series started by the late Vince Flynn.  Though deceased, Kyle Mills has maintained the integrity of the series in the most recent novels.  Kudos to Mr. Mills.  I cannot say that I don’t notice a slight difference, but I still find them keeping me on the edge of my seat and longing for the next book.

In Lethal Agent, rogue actors look to take advantage of a dysfunctional American political climate to unleash a terrible weapon upon the United States and probably the world.  Rapp and his team race to neutralize the threat, a feat that may expose them to the deadly weapon.

Red War

Red War is the fifteenth  in Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp series and the third (I believe since his death).  Kyle Mills has miraculously kept the series alive for us fans and most importantly maintained the quality of both the writing and the non-stop action.  Buckle in when you open this one for some edge-of-your-seat action.

“Sokolov actually laughed out loud at that, and at the expression on Krupin’s face.  His agreement was a foregone conclusion at this point.  Krupin understood that the geopolitical complexities he’d faced his entire life were meaningless in light of his illness.  He had nothing to lose by this war and everything to gain.  Even if he eventually succumbed to cancer, Sokolov would make sure he was remembered as the man who dared to return Russia to greatness.”

Enemy of the State

Author Kyle Mills has done more than an admirable job taking over the Mitch Rapp series after the unfortunate early death of one of my favorite authors, Vince Flynn.  I do think that the character of Mitch Rapp has changed slightly, but that is not a negative thing, just a bit different.  In Enemy of the State, Rapp is asked to go beyond “black opps” and take on the enemies of the United States, some of whom have been postured as friends.  While he was untethered, he also was without the help of his usual resources.  Rapp is forced to enlist the help of some former adversaries for this, perhaps his most dangerous mission.

Order To Kill

order-to-killThis is the first full novel written by Kyle Mills under Vince Flynn’s banner (I believe Mr. Mills helped finish the last novel as Mr. Flynn fought cancer).  I wasn’t sure what to expect and I am not sure that Mitch Rapp is quite the same as he was when Vince Flynn was the writer.  Perhaps I am looking too deep, but this Rapp is a bit edgier; if that can be possible.  Let me know when you read the part in Pakistan and the ISIS prisoner.

Rising Phoenix

rising phoenix“Despite its simplicity, Hobart had never met anyone besides himself who truly grasped this philosophy and had the inner strength to live by it…Hobart saw killing as nothing more or less than an effective tool; and he used it with the thoughtless precision of a master craftsman.”

In Rising Phoenix someone comes up with a unique scheme to solve America’s drug problem.  The problem is that it is highly illegal and the enemies stack up though support is found in unlikely places as the FBI tries to find and stop the “do-gooders.”  Okay they are not all that good…just effective.

The Survivor

survivorIt was a very sad day when I learned of the passing of Vince Flynn. He lost his fight with cancer and I had his newest novel on my wish list for a very long time.  I was heartened when I found out that there would be another Mitch Rapp novel!

In The Survivor author Kyle Mills has Rapp and the CIA racing against time when one of their own betrays them. This may be the most severe threat to the Agency has ever had and the man behind it is dead.  Rapp needs to not only stop the damage but he must also beat an unknown enemy to discover the source.  His failure would have world-wide repercussions in the world and as always he was fighting enemies at home.