Framing the Dialogue

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I Am Adam’s Mother

As the inevitable debate begins about how best to implement more gun control I express hope that the more critical issue of mental health finds its way to the forefront of the dialogue.  After the tragic murders in Connecticut it is a hard position to take defending our Second Amendment rights.  I have little doubt that wafflely politicians will take the easy way out and pass some meaningless gun control law that won’t stand up to Constitutional scrutiny.  They whine and gnash their teeth that they “tried” and grumble about “activists” on the court.

Easter Surprise

The image has been altered to protect my stupidity!

This was an unusual Easter for us as our son celebrates his 21st birthday on Easter.  Our family got together the day before to celebrate our family Easter so it was just going to be us today.  We decided to get him as one of his gifts a case of beer.  I am sure that it was his first one!  We needed some for home also so I thought to get two different kinds and divide them up giving us both some variety.