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Crow Hollow

crow hollow“What in the name of all that was holy had turned Nimposet into a murderer?”

James Bailey has just returned from England on an urgent mission from King Charles and finds himself in the middle of a mystery in the prudish town of Boston around the time of the French and Indian War.  He has come to America to find out why a fellow emissary from the King was murdered, but he soon faces enemies from all sides and some that he doesn’t even know.  His unusual traveling companions help him in unforeseen ways as he discovers the truth and seeks justice in a hostile land. Crow Hollow is a compelling tale set in a time when lying could get you strapped to a post and whipped yet men will be men.  Tempers are still hot as Bailey travels through New England for the truth.  Danger is both in front of them and behind them.

The Widow of Jerusalem

I think that this novel is somewhat misnamed as the widow, while an important character, is not really the main character.  Set in medevil times and a backdrop of The Crusades a group of fools working for the Guild are stationed throughout Europe working behind the scenes.  Those you might commonly view as court jesters are not just trained to sing, dance, tumble, and make rulers laugh.  Castle intrigue, murders, kings, queens, assins, and randy knights participate in a very strange, but interesting novel.  Author Alan Gordon weaves historical elements into the story as Scarlet tries to save his “love” Isabelle, Widow of Jerusalem.

Cradle to Grave

My son recently bought a new bed. You’ll have to bear with me on this one, but I was thinking about that and its implications about growth and where we sleep or more importantly what we sleep on. He has lived on his own for years now, but still used his single bed much as he has since he was probably two years old. His move up to a double bed seemed like a life step. I know it’s just a bed, but think about what we sleep on.

News Briefs Volume XV

News briefs are a collection of interesting news stories…

Brief 1“The King is gone but he’s not forgotten.   This is a story about Johnny Rotten.   It’s better to burn out, cause rust never sleeps.  The King is gone but he’s not forgotten.”  Sometimes the left is so out in left field and it is fun to watch them try to “eat” one of their own only to have it thrown back in their face.  Famed Sex Pistols front-man, Johnny Rotten apparently was criticized for planning a concert in of all places, Israel.  It is very posh to be anti-Jewish and Pro-Palestinian on the left, but Mr. Rotten would have none of it;

A Word About Robin

As I prepared dinner this evening, I was listening to the Michael Savage show.  The news-talk radio station that I regularly listen to finally put him on earlier in the evening and I can listen more often.  He is perhaps one of the most interesting hosts on the air.  This evening I tuned in and heard a discussion about Obama being described as a Robin Hood type figure who steals from the rich and gives to the poor.

This characterization drives me nuts.