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Moral High Ground


Judge Andrew Napolitano has written an interesting article along similar lines with this startling fact that I have never heard before;

“The president himself has killed about 176 children in Pakistan by the use of CIA drones. These drones have been dispatched by him alone — not pursuant to any congressional declaration of war. At least two of these murdered children were Americans. But since the cameras were kept away and since the survivors are legally and politically helpless, no one here hears the Pakistani children’s cries of pain and anguish.”

Liberal Alters – Main-Stream Media

November 2008 was the liberal, main-stream media’s crowning glory as they were complicit in hoisting an unknown, untested, inexperienced person upon the American people.  The information about Obama’s past was out there, but was not covered in the lame-stream media who were too busy and too left-leaning to offer a balanced view of Senator Obama.  Ultimately it is the fault of the American voters who cast their ballots for Obama/Biden and relied on the media’s fairy tale about the first black president.  Not only was the press fawning over Obama, but they threw former favorite Hillary under the bus to support Barack and pushed very hard for Republican “maverick” John McCain to be the GOP nominee.  McCain was the candidate long before I even had the chance to cast my primary vote. 

All By Himself

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Karaoke – All By Myself – edited

When I was young

I never needed anyone

Organizing was just for fun

Those days are gone


Now I’m the Prez

My future in D.C. looked bleak

I have already had my peak

Michelle’s still home


All by myself

Killed Osama bin, all by myself, all alone

All by myself

Forget those Navy SEALs, all by myself anymore


Had to be sure