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Foreign Policy Fallacy?

So while Russia’s ex-KGB president invades one of our allies and has the gall to not only invade a sovereign country, but lie and say that he doesn’t have Russian troops in the country our President Obama utters backboneless threats that “there will be costs.”  I guess that is better than drawing a “red” line only to have to back away from the line like he did with Syria.  When I ran across this pull quote from an article on the crisis my head just about exploded.  It seems that we are only tough-talking in anonymity.  Why on Earth would any “journalist” use an anonymous quote from anyone?  What gravitas does that have?  Perhaps John Kerry sent Putin an unsigned note saying that “we’ll get you my pretty.” (sorry for the Wizard of Oz reference).  We know that is not true and Kerry seems more concerned about global warming…sorry climate change is the new buzzword.

The Rise of Lubchenko

lubchenkoSo when I saw this book at the Book Train I thought it was going to be a Cold War spy/espionage novel.  Well it turns out that my mind fooled me as the famous KGB prison is Lubyanka not Lubchenko.  Lubchenko is an underworld character who we are really not sure whether he is good or bad.  In Michael Simmons’ The Rise of Lubchenko a group of American teenagers find themselves in the middle of some international intrigue…as it turns out for the second time as this is a sequel.  The story, while entertaining, is really quite far-fetched and it took a while for me to accept the first person narrative especially considering that the first person is a self-admitted self-absorbed teenager.