Framing the Dialogue

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A drive in the evening puts an elderly couple in a rural area when the husband hits something.  Thinking of a wild animal, the stop the car to check.  A naked body is what they find and the damage from them hitting her is the least of her problems.  Will Trent, the troubled Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) finds himself attracted to the case much to the dismay of the local police.  The novel is laced with friction between GBI and the local police to the point where it should be criminal.  When another woman goes missing things heat up.  Is she the next victim?


“I’m not going to have this conversation with you.” So they were back to him being the boss again. Faith bit her lip, trying not to let her sarcasm escalate the situation. He could live in fairyland all he wanted, but Faith was fairly certain that there would not be a happy ending to this story. Will pressed the point. “I can’t believe she’s dead, Faith. Emma’s a fighter. She’s out there somewhere waiting for us to find her.” The passion in his voice was unmistakable, and instead of feeling irritated, she now felt sorry for him. He said, “I should’ve gotten more from Bernard. He was so smug, so sure that he was in control. I feel like I played right into his hands.”


Blindsighted is the first in the Grant County thrillers book.  I usually save my comments until later, but I thought I’d switch things up a bit because of the nature of this murder mystery.  I found this book very dark.  The murders were disturbing.  That being said, this is an exceptional novel and THRILLER!

The brutal murder of small town citizen has both the police and the residents skittish.  The chief of police and the small town’s pediatrician (also the medical examiner) get tangled up in the mystery even as they struggle to put their divorce behind them.  Can they stop more torturous murders from occurring?  When signs point to a crime in one of their past lives, the investigation takes on a dangerous slant.