Framing the Dialogue

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Full Court Press

878-JVST_MARYS-INGLEWOOD07_standalone_prod_affiliate_4Debate is still raging over Democare.  I am thinking that “Democare” may be more descriptive than Obamacare as we need to chain this legislation to all of the Democrats.  Let’s pin this to them like a tattoo.  Unfortunately, the left is still pushing a vigorous agenda of big government and big spending and wealth spreading.  Lest you are relaxing as Democare has taken a hiatus (you know it will be back) here are some of the other socialist agenda items that you may have missed:

Brush Back Pitch

The pitcher shakes off the sign from his catcher as the batter steps into the box.  He shakes off another sign and the catcher trots out to the mound to talk to his young pitcher.  The second baseman joins the discussion until the umpire calls for the game to resume.  Here is the stretch and the pitcher throws a fastball high and inside.  The batter has to leap backward to avoid being hit by the pitch.  The batter glares at the pitcher and says something to the catcher as he re-enters the box.

The Worst Economy Since the Great Depression

This will be an unusual post for me.  I am going to use mostly quotes to tell a story.  A story that I hope will propel you to action.

“The crash was the honest acknowledgement of the breakdown of capitalism…caused by speculating margin traders brought down the nation.”

“The country, he believed, had grown too fast:  beyond ‘our natural and normal growth.’  The problem was that there had been ‘an era of selfishness.’  There existed ‘throughout the nation men and women, forgotten in the political philosophy’ of the last years.”