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The Liberal Hour

I guess I’d describe reading this book as if I was walking in a strange world…a liberal world…I didn’t like it.  It is interesting that liberals, like author John Kenneth Galbraith, from that era (this book was first published in 1960) were not quite as socialistic as they are today.  They were socialistic, but not as shrill.  Perhaps one of the endorsements on the back cover says it best, “a reasoned attack on the productivity ethic and a concrete, provocative program for altering the economic structure to maintain a new social balance.”  [emphasis added]

Cancel Your Own Goddam Subscription

“Everybody knows that William Buckley is a master of words; it is only the use to which he puts them that restrains one’s enthusiasm.”

John Kenneth Galbraith

The founder and one-time sole stockholder of the National Review Magazine is well known for his august vocabulary. William F. Buckley, Jr.was perhaps one of the most revered and reviled conservatives of our day. Cancel your own goddam subscription was his response to a disgruntled subscriber as part of the Notes & Asides portion of the magazine. The exact quote was; “Dear Dr. Morris: Cancel your own goddam subscription.” Mr. Buckley is polite even showing ire.