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The Guardians

“Since gas is slightly cheaper than cheap motels, I spend a lot of time driving lonely roads at dark hours. As always, I tell myself that I will sleep later, as if a long hibernation is waiting just around the corner. The truth is that I nap a lot but rarely sleep and this is unlikely to change. I have saddled myself with the burdens of innocent people rotting away in prison while rapists and murderers roam free. Duke Russell was convicted in a backwater redneck town where half the jurors struggle to read and all were easily misled by two pompous and bogus experts…”

Camino Island

In Camino Island a group of thieves make off with priceless, hand-written manuscripts.  The owner is hesitant to alert the world fearing that the writings will disappear forever.  The authorities act fast and apprehend many of the criminals, but not all and not the manifests.  Fast-forward to the tiny, Florida town of Santa Rosa where a popular bookstore owner dabbles in rare books.  Could he have obtained the manuscripts?  A struggling novelist who has roots on the island is convinced to go undercover.

The Rainmaker

So I’m reading The Rainmaker by John Grisham and I think that I’ve read it before…maybe decades ago.  So many facts of the novel felt familiar, but I could not put it together enough to remember details for ultimately what happens in the story.  So on I read.  In this novel we meet a soon-to-be lawyer who’s life is turned upside down just before he graduates law school.  He finds himself with perhaps the case of a lifetime and must pursue justice (or at least a large settlement) while having fairly little as far as resources; both money and help.  In his suit, he is pitted against one of the best lawyers in the city and one who would never hire him.  He is forced to open his own office and go it mostly alone.

Rogue Lawyer

A Rogue Lawyer is one who’ll represent the unrepresentable…the lowest of the low, rapists, murderers, gang members…you get the picture.  Author John Grisham’s character, Sebastian Rudd, is such a lawyer also known as a criminal defense lawyer.  While the money is sometimes good, Rudd finds that very few people like him.  Certainly not the cops or prosecutors, and often not his clients, many of whom are ultimately convicted.  It seem criminals don’t like it when they are held accountable for their crimes.  Add to this mix Sebastian’s ex-wife who is also a lawyer and her mission to prevent their son from ever seeing his father.  Sebastian has a lot on his plate.


bleachers“He knew Rake would have a lecture if he got the close enough to hear it.  Maybe his death would kill the demon that dogged him, but he had his doubts.”

Bleachers is a story about the impending death of a very popular high school football coach.  The small town hero was also a very successful coach and so became an icon in the community and in turn rather powerful.  In this powerful novel by John Grisham many of Rake’s former players wind their way home as they hear about their coach’s poor health including Neely Crenshaw who was the best quarterback to play at the high school.  The generations of football players find themselves waiting together on the seats of their football field and recounting their exploits including some darker sides to their careers.

The Racketeer

recketeer“How do you survive for years in prison?  You don’t think about years, months, or weeks.  You think about today – how to get through it, how to survive it.  When you wake up tomorrow, another day is behind you.  The days add up; the weeks run together; the months become years.  You realize how tough you are, how you can function and survive because you have no choice.”

Calico Joe

Calico JoeMy sister handed me a copy of Calico Joe while we were visiting our mother in a hospital/rehabilitation center.  I certainly knew the author’s name, John Grisham , and had read many of his novels over the years.  For me this was a departure from the type of book that I have read from him in the past.

The story centers around a real major league baseball phenomena named Joe Castle (AKA Calico Joe).  A real player who took the majors by storm when he was called up from the minor leagues.  This is a story about fame, family and tragedy and not just for baseball fans.  MLB is really just a setting for the story masterfully told by Grisham.  The novel is short but very well written.  It was a joy to read.

The King of Torts

The next time I am watching television and one of those commercials comes on asking if I took a certain drug and now suffer one of a hundred or so maladies I’ll have a better understanding of the lawyers behind the ad. The King of Torts traces the meteoric rise of a struggling public defender to the “king of torts.” John Grisham spins a legal tale that includes greed, selfishness, waste, cheating, illegality, and jealousy and that’s just the lawyers.  Class action suits are shown to be the sleazy, ambulance-chasing profession that it is.