Framing the Dialogue

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Flipping the Switch

John G. Miller’s sequel to help guide us in accepting or actually grasping the concept of personal responsibility offers “five keys to success at work and in life” as a way to “unleash the power of personal accountability using the QBQ!” 

In Flipping the Switch Miller again effectively reinforces his points with personal stories.  These anecdotes trigger memories of situations where I have had similar experiences.  Miller’s five keys to success or “fundamental concepts or values that guide our behavior;”

  • Learning – we should all continue to pursue life-long learning as books like this help accomplish
  • Ownership – using “I” more. 

The Question Behind The Question

I probably should have read this book before I recently quit my job.  I don’t think it would have ultimately changed my mind, but it may have helped me deal with the stress better and to have come to my decision to leave much sooner;

“Does what we say about our organization while we are at work match what we say at home?  It it’s positive at work and negative a few hours later at home, we have a choice to make.  Here’s an idea we should all consider:  Believe or leave.”