Framing the Dialogue

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Running Man

It is often interesting to look at the ease with which non-incumbent candidates can point to the incumbent’s record and critique their performance and bloviate about what they would do in similar situations. It is hard to prevent such a successful strategy and we have learned with the current resident of the White House that a blank slate can be a powerful tool when combined with a thorough lack of inspection of a candidate’s qualifications by both the main stream media and many of the voters.

Rule 13

One of the most quoted “rules” in Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals book is Rule 13.  This rule is under the tactics section of the book and that is a better way to think of this.  In this tactic, you are taught to select a specific target, a person.  Government bodies (i.e. Congress, etc.) or buildings (i.e. Washington, city hall, etc.) allow blame to be shifted too easily. 

“Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

Check Please

My wife and I used to go to dinner with some of her friends around Christmas every year.  I am not real social, but I enjoyed these occasions.  One year we went to a pretty nice (read expensive) restaurant.  My wife and I were really watching our money that year and agreed to avoid high cost entrees, drinks, appetizers and deserts.  The others were not as frugal as they ordered appetizers, expensive meals, and deserts.  Oh and how the wine (and beer and mixed drinks) flowed.