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In Good Faith

Good faithIn the second book in the Joe Dillard series, In Good Faith, author Scott Pratt, brings us back into the attorney’s life after he finally found, perhaps his innocent client at the end of the last novel.  Dillard has retired, but is restless and needs to get back to something.  He and his wife don’t really need the income, but he needs to do something.  He had wanted to be a prosecutor, but the lure of the money early in his career pushed him into the world of criminal defense.  He and his wife finally decided that it was time he did want he always wanted to do.

An Innocent Client

innocent clientIn the first in the series featuring defense lawyer Joe Dillard we find him near the end of his rope (i.e. career) even though he is fairly young.  A bit tired of representing scumbags and lowlifes he has just one wish and that is to represent…An Innocent Client.  He wouldn’t mind one who paid him well either.