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Today’s Hottest Jobs

Kiplinger writers Martha Craver and Michael DeSenne have done the impossible and uncovered 10 hot jobs in an era of high unemployment. Even more unlikely one of the professions, and number four no less, is my profession. The “jobs” are ranked by the number of job seekers for every position open environmental engineers only have 1.15 active job seekers per opening according to Kiplinger. I was happy to see the 10-year growth projection at 31 percent though I don’t see a move to another employer in my future.


I have a dream job…unfortunately it is still in my mind, but the job that I have now has that potential.  Reading books like Rework fuel my desire for a better working environment.  I can work my butt off all day and sometimes by 4:00 I am spent.  I have given my all for that day, but really don’t feel comfortable leaving before 5:00.  Starting a new project would be rather pointless as I am not at my freshest. 

“Workaholics make the people who don’t stay late feel inadequate for ‘merely’ working reasonable hours.  That leads to guilt and poor morale all around and leads to ass-in-seat mentality.” [see my above comments]


The good news about Fish is that you learn how to bring energy, passion, and a positive attitude to your job everyday.  The bad news is that you probably work for someone who does not encourage energy, passion, and a positive attitude.  I would not let that stop you from reading this book by Stephen C. Lundin, Harry Paul, and John Christensen.

I do not happen to work in a place that emulates the principles in Fish, but I found this book encouraging and entertaining.  I always try to have fun at work.  It is either that or go crazy.