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Only Time Will Tell

only time will tell 2Only Time Will Tell is the first in the Clifton Chronicles detailing the lives of the wealthy Barrington family and the not so fortunate Clifton clan.  Set in England in the early 20th Century author Jeffrey Archer  intertwines these families as they go through life.  As is typical with an Archer novel there is discord, tragedy and love.  The setting exacerbates the disparity about how people are treated simply based on their birthright or lack thereof.

Sons of Fortune

Jeffrey Archer is one of my favorite authors and I love to find one of his novels that I have not read in a bargain rack. Sons of Fortune was one such find.  As is my M.O. for novels I really hate to give too much away in the review.  I often feel that even the inside cover gives away too much.  I’ll tiptoe around a little by telling you that this is the story about two men who share a secret that even they do not know.   The mystery is, of course, whether they ever find out the secret.  The novel started out a little slow for me and primarily jumps between the two main characters.  By the halfway point, however, I was hooked and desperately trying to figure out what was going to happen.  I got a few, but not all.  The near ending was somewhat predictable, but Archer made me skim an earlier portion of the book to find out the real ending.  It was well played.

Paths of Glory

George Leigh Mallory was an English mountaineer who participated in the first three British expeditions to scale Mount Everest in the early 1920s.  He is famously quoted in a reply to the question “Why do you want to climb Mount Everest?” with: “Because it’s there.” Paths of Glory is a novel about Mallory’s obsession with reaching the summit of Mount Everest and his struggle between the two women he loved; his wife and Chomolungma (the Tibetan name for Everest which is short for “Jomo Miyolangsangma”  or Mother Goddess of the Universe).  Masterfully written by Jeffrey ArcherPaths of Glory was like watching Mallory’s life unfold and may make you question what you’ve always been taught about the foreboding mountain.

As The Crow Flies

As the Crow FliesWhat happens when you combine one of my favorite authors, a rags to riches story, and an evil, rich adversary?  As the Crow Flies is the answer to that question.  The story takes place in London and follows the Trumpers family through four generations as Charlie Trumper starts out with his grandfather selling fruits and vegetables from his roadside barrow. 

Charlie’s success is interupted by the first World War, but returns to find fortune the old fashioned way, hard work.  It is an interesting contrast as he battles a priveledged, “old money” lady to achieve success.  His adversary spends decades to exact revenge and even reaches out from the grave to threaten the Trumper family.

Kane & Abel

A friend recommended the book and I read it many years ago.  The details of the book are fuzzy after all of these years, but it should not take a biblical scholar to figure out the basic plot.  Kane & Abel was one of those books that I would describe as unputdownable.  I know that is not a word, but how else do you describe such a well-written book?

I have enjoyed many of Jeffrey Archer’s works, but Kane and Abel remains my favorite.  Maybe because it was my first Archer book.  Do yourself a favor and read this book.