Framing the Dialogue

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Carte Blanche

“You seem to be a rather rare combination of the best of both…About a new version of the Special Operations Executive.  The answer is yes.  In fact, it already exists.  Would you be interested in joining?’  ‘I would.’ Bond said without hesitation.  ‘Though I should like to ask:  What exactly does it do?’  The Admiral thought for a moment, as if polishing burrs off his reply.  ‘Our mission,’ he said, ‘is simple.  we protect the Realm…by any means necessary.”


xoAuthor Jeffery Deaver took me on a winding wild ride with this novel, XO. The story features a vacationing California Bureau of Investigation (“CBI”) detective Kathryn Dance as she is pulled into a sinister murder investigation related to an up-and-coming female country singer.  The main suspect is a very intelligent stalker, no he’s a brilliant stalker and hard to pin down as a suspect.  His obsession with singer Kayleigh Towne is complete, but he always stays just on this side of the law.  Towne’s music spoke to him and like stalkers are apt to think, he thought she WAS speaking to him.

The Burning Wire

burning wire“Rhyme needed problems, challenges, input.  One of the difficulties with a severe disability that few people focus on is the absence of anything new.  The same settings, the same people, the same activities…and the same platitudes, the same empty reassurances, the same reports from unemotional doctors.”

In The Burning Wire, quadriplegic crime scene investigator, Lincoln Rhymes, wrestles with an old nemesis, the Watchmaker, and a new threat to New York City using an effective and powerful yet invisible weapon.  Panic begins to set into NYC as a series of attacks, seemingly random, occur from a group with unrealistic demands.  Actually impossible demands.  Hindered by his disability, Rhymes relies on his associates to be his arms and legs, but it’s his mind that makes him great.  Also the style of his team puts them in the spotlight and at risk.