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The Bourne Imperative

bourne imperativeIn The Bourne Imperative the novel opens with perspectives of a myriad of characters.  While I don’t usually like this method I didn’t like it here either by author Eric Van Lustbader.  I find this style makes me tense as I try to follow all of the characters.  That’s just me.  The opening is interesting as we are introduced to a man, near death, wounded and floating in the water.  This time it is a lake…parallels.  Jason Bourne, though troubled, is now on the side of Treadstone.  I think that I missed a few of the Lustbader novels where all this occurred.  Bourne works with allies to stop evil from overtaking the planet.

The Bourne Legacy

Author Eric Van Lustbader seems to have successfully captured the magic of Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne series with The Bourne Legacy.  David Webb (Jason Bourne’s real name) has seemed to settle in to a quaint life as a college professor until an attempt on his life setting off a series of events that has him hunting and hunted by “friends” and enemies alike.  The trail leads him to Europe where he discovers a fiendish plot by terrorists to do bad things, really bad things (I don’t want to give up too much information).

The Bourne Objective

Combine two rogue super spies, Russian spys, the Russian mob, the CIA, Homeland Security, Mexican drug runners, Colombian drug runners, an all-knowing Balinese woman, alchemy, and an ultra-secret society that wants to control the world and you have the framework for Eric Van Lustbader’snew “Bourne” novel.

The Bourne Objective contains the action you’d expect from the Bourne series, but less of the unpredictability of the original novels.  The hero really doesn’t have to be Jason Bourne anymore, but I guess the Bourne and Ludlum names sell more books. 

The Bourne Betrayal

Some eight years after his death, Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne is still in action.  Eric Van Lustbader has kept the thrills and chills in The Bourne Betrayal.  If you love the Bourne character as I do, this book will grap you and keep you in suspense.

Jason Bourne continues as the dysfunctional undercover outcast in this thriller.  Bourne tries to save a friend as he works to unravel a plot to prevent a nuclear attack on the United States.  As a side story, two of the jihadists want to kill him for something he did in the past that he does not remember.