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The Dead Man

Jack Davis suffers from tics.  Not any regular variety tic.  Jack gets body racking, bent over, shaking tics.  That’s a negative for a FBI agent.  Not surprising, Jack is a former FBI agent.  He is still a top-notch investigator and his skills are still valued by some.  In The Dead Man a series of seemingly connected deaths touch Jack Davis and he is hired to find out about the deaths.  When one of them has a link to Jack’s deceased daughter, the FBI roars in to try to pin the death on him.  The FBI doesn’t really like Mr. Davis and is looking to get back at him for the crimes that went down is the first book of this series.


In Shakedown , FBI Special Agent Jack Davis is trying to solve a series of seemingly drug-related murders including the murder of a very young boy and his mother.  Davis desperately tries to keep hold of the investigation while dealing with what seems like a debilitating illness that physically makes him unable to safely do his job.  He fears that his estranged daughter is somehow link to a bad cop and maybe worse.