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Awake At the Wheel

I did the unthinkable and judged this book by its cover.  Awake at the Wheel, subtitled “Getting your great ideas rolling (in an uphill world)” grabbed my as I am attempting to get FramingTheDialouge out to many more readers.  Like many other “self-help” books author Mitchell Ditkoff used a fictional tale about the invention of the wheel to illustrate his point.  For me the story and unusual humor obscured the objective and often left me shaking my head.  On a positive note, the story was quite short and Ditkoff does provide some more relevant/readable tips at the end of the book. 

True American Hero – Paul Ryan

Even though this post is about, perhaps our next president, I am going to start it with quotes from two prominent politicians;

“Republican leaders haven’t come up with “a single, solitary new idea” to help the American people recover from the economic recession.”

Barack Obama

“You lie”

Joe Wilson

Maybe Barack Obama was being Clintonesque parsing “single,” “solitary,” “new” in his mind to justify the lie.  I’ll admit that many Republicans have no new ideas and many of them are progressive and probably agree with Obama’s direction, just not his speed.  I would argue that the same could be said of Obama’s vision for America.  His plan for “spreading the wealth” is not a new idea.  His plan has been tried numerous times always with the same result…either failure (see Greece) or totalitarianism (Cuba, Venezuela, etc.).


I have a dream job…unfortunately it is still in my mind, but the job that I have now has that potential.  Reading books like Rework fuel my desire for a better working environment.  I can work my butt off all day and sometimes by 4:00 I am spent.  I have given my all for that day, but really don’t feel comfortable leaving before 5:00.  Starting a new project would be rather pointless as I am not at my freshest. 

“Workaholics make the people who don’t stay late feel inadequate for ‘merely’ working reasonable hours.  That leads to guilt and poor morale all around and leads to ass-in-seat mentality.” [see my above comments]