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No Dawn For Men

No dawn for menImagine a novel featuring J.R.R. Tolkien, dwarves, sword fighting, tall thin figures on carved out boats, and even an evil empire feeling its way across the world. No Dawn for Men even has one of the characters journeying to destroy a not so secret talisman before the evil empire can get their hands on the prize.  I know this may sound familiar and the similarities didn’t really strike me right away.  In this story the evil empire is Adolf Hitler and the roving hoard are the Nazis.  To add some spice author James Lepore included Ian Fleming as a spy from Great Britain.  Oh and there is the beautiful woman.

In Secret Service

“In 1964, James Bond’s creator sealed a package containing a manuscript he thought no one would read until fifty years after his death.”

That’s the subtext of the storyline of the novel set in 2005.  The heroine, the granddaughter of a man close to an inner circle of the British government, finds herself in possession of an Ian Flemming’s manuscript that many people are “dying” to get their hands on.  The premise loosely tries to thread together several of the British monarchy’s skeletons including the death of Princess Diana and the abdication of the throne by the Duke of Windsor.  Author Mitch Silver provides some interesting theories in this novel, In Secret Service and differentiates between fact, fiction, and supposition in the Athor’s Note.