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The Abbot’s Agreement

abbots agreementIn the seventh book in Mel Starr’s chronicles of Hugh de Singleton, surgeon the crime-solving bailiff and surgeon discovers a body as he is traveling to Oxford.  Hugh has saved enough money to purchase a copy of a Bible for his library, but the discovery not only the body, but the evidence that the person was murdered may just keep the bailiff away from his expecting wife, home and his desired book.  In The Abbot’s Agreement the person’s identity causes the Abbot of the local abbey agrees to have his monks scribe him a copy of the Bible if he’ll agree to stay on and solve the murder.  Never one to pass up the opportunity to save some money and solve a crime puts Master Hugh in danger.

Rest Not In Peace

rest not in peaceIn the sixth novel in the Hugh de Singleton, surgeon series, Rest Not in Peace , de Singleton must use all of his skills to clear his name this time as he is accused of a crime.  Fortunately for Master Hugh many people at the castle believe him innocent, but he still must solve the crime so that his name is clean.

“There must be other reasons me do murder.’  ‘I believe there are but three,’ I said.  ‘A man has what another many wants, and is slain for it.  Or, a man has what another man wants, and murders the other to keep it.  Or revenge…to requite some injury…when I learn the reason I will have the felon.”

The Tainted Coin

tainted coin“With pain and effort he opened his swollen lips and said, so faintly I had to ask John Kellet if he heard the same words, ‘They didn’t get me coin.’  I had learned two things:  whoso attacked the fellow had sought a coin, or perhaps many coins, and more than one had done this evil.  I would learn no more from him, for as I began to inspect a bloody laceration between two ribs, his chest heaved and was then still.”

Unhallowed Ground

Iunhallowed groundn the fourth chronicle in the Hugh de Singleton series, Unhallowed Ground, Master Hugh is called when the area’s bully is found hanging from a tree of an apparent suicide.  He is unceremoniously buried without the benefit of church as befits one who takes ones own life, but there are clues that his death may not have been of his own choice.  Author, Mel Starr takes the Bailiff of Bampton on another journey to find a murderer, however, the victim this time is one that very many of Master Hugh’s friends are not too unhappy to see underground.  Hugh has some help as he has someone else to bounce his theories off of.  If you’ve read the other novels you’ll like this!

A Trail of Ink

trail of inkIn A Trail of Ink , Hugh de Singleton finally has the time to travel to Oxford to renew his courting of the stationer’s daughter, Kate Claxon only to find that he has a rival and a higher-born one at that.  His visit to an old friend sets him on a path to unravel another crime when he discovers that his friend has had his entire book collection stolen.  A scholar without his books is soon to be unemployed.  Even accompanied by Lord Gilbert’s squire, Arthur, there is danger at every door and Kate’s other suitor is not happy about the competition.

A Corpse at St. Andrew’s Chapel

corpse at st andrews“and so began a journey in which I sought one thing and found another. Much of my life has been like that. I have seldom found what I most urgently sought, and only rarely sought what I found. Since much of what I enjoy is then the result of a good fortune which I knew not to seek, I attribute the laudable in my life to the will of God, who, it is written, knows what we need before we ask.”

The Unquiet Bones

unquiet bonesI am fond of many different types of books and the easiest for me to be grabbed by are thrillers – fast moving world travel with high-tech weapons and the world on the verge of collapse. The Unquiet Bones features none of that. The hero of this novel is Hugh de Singleton, the local surgeon, who cannot bill himself as a doctor as he had not finished his schooling. Singleton’s skills, and some luck being near the site of an injured nobleman give him an opportunity to improve his station or at least his ability to make a better living.