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Stat Not

I had a recent experience dealing with the healthcare industry when my mother became ill. She went in with a condition that for those of us younger would take some antibiotics and be done, but when you’re elderly a simple illness can be fatal. It was interesting that when my wife heard her symptoms she made a diagnosis and the EMTs did the same. They ended up being correct as confirmed by the tests or so I thought.


There is a local story about the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (“UPMC”) who own most of the hospitals in the surrounding area.  They do not own all of the facilities, but they are getting there.  Even though they are a non profit organization,

You can always tell a true "grassroots" protest by the large crowds holding hand lettered signs.

they are still a business and have to make some unpopular decisions.  A few months ago UPMC announced that it was closing one of its hospitals that did not have enough patients to make it viable.