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Heart-Shaped Box

heart shaped box2So with a sub-headline of “Sooner or later the dead catch up…” you can reasonably surmise that this novel by Joe Hill is not a cute Valentine’s Day love story, though in a dark way it is…a very dark way.  Middle aged hard rocker Judas Coyne has gone through the wild years, the loss of band mates and too many young Goth women.  I imagine his character as Ozzy Ozborne without the permanent brain damage.  Loving the macabre Coyne buys something on an on-line auction that arrives in a Heart-Shaped Box, also the title of the book, that more than lives up to his expectations and changes his life forever.

The Amityville Horror

Even though I read this book 30 years ago, I still remember lying on my parents living room couch reading The Amityville Horror.  I was probably a junior in high school and was home alone.  The couch was aligned such that it was between their front and back doors.  I could see out the back window as I lay and read that night.  I was really engrossed in the book and the frightful things happening to this family.