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“I’m With Hil 2020”

The Hillary Clinton 2020 campaign seems to have gathered some steam on Friday when anonymous sources leaked that the 2006 failed candidate signed a big money deal with the company BleachBit.  The company was little-known until Clinton’s staff used the software to wipe her electronic devices clean even though they were under court order to preserve them.   “it seemed like a natural fit for us as she really put us on the map” said an executive of the company who did not want to be named

Who Let The Dog Out?

The mascot of our local school district happens to be a dog.  Needless to say there aren’t many sports games played that the famous song by The Baha Men isn’t blared over the loudspeakers ten years after the song was popular and 9.5 years after it was tolerable. 

The “dog” in this post is none other than our esteemed VP, Joe Biden.  For the life of me I cannot understand why he is not kept under wraps.  Even the lame-stream media cannot smother all of the things that come out of his mouth.  Maybe his freedom is part of a “contrast” strategy whereby Obama looks bright and measured by comparison.  A more likely scenario is that by shooting off his mouth, BHO can always jettison him before the next presidential election in favor of a more “suitable” running mate.  By “suitable” I mean Hillary (she is famous for wearing pants suits).

A Frog As A Metaphor

A “FROG” that constantly changes colour is being worshipped as a GOD in by the Main Stream Media (MSM).  Hundreds of curious followers flock to network television every day to pray and ask for miracles and handouts.  None of the country’s MSM desire to study the rainbow frog.  But alternative media keeps the creature in a glass house and under a spotlight after finding it while it ran for office out of Chicago. 

Alternative media said: “Our one problem is that this frog does not appear to listen to reason. I keep trying to feed it information, data and proof, but it doesn’t eat anything. I don’t know what else to give it.”