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Required Viewing – Steven Colbert

I am not a big fan of Mr. Colbert, but I give him props for “taking the gloves off” on Ms. Clinton.  Considering his audience demographics this video just shows how the younger folks really don’t trust her…they don’t trust Mr. Trump either…

Don’t Piss On My Leg…

Is Petraeus carrying the ball for Obama?

I’m imagining a high school kid sitting in the principal’s outer office waiting for his sure to be angry parents to arrive.  They were summoned by the school because of the student’s misdeed.  The tiny little brain is churning, trying desperately to come up with an excuse; any reason to wiggle out of this tough spot; as if this couldn’t be helped; as if it wasn’t their fault.  What kind of a whopper would they come up with?

News Briefs – Volume XXVIII

News briefs are a collection of interesting news stories…

Brief 1: Call out the “gender pedagogues” as the heading of this post News “Briefs” may not be gender neutral. Actually the gender pedagogues were hired by the Edalia preschool in Stockholm Swedento help staff identify language and behavior that risk reinforcing stereotypes” so that boys are no longer boys and girls are no longer girls…they are all referred to as “friends.” How cute! And when visitors come they don’t refer to “him” or “her” they call them “he

With Friends Like These…

As someone who sits more in the middle (I don’t buy the “right” label anymore) I cannot help but chuckle as President Obama’s leftist friends start to treat him with the same level of respect as they used for President Bush. They have held their tongues for over two years, but as Obama faces the tough path of being elected versus running for office, some of his actions are leaving his “friends” unable to hold their tongues. It would be more humorous if the issues weren’t more serious and perhaps with the future of our country at stake.

Living In The Twilight Zone

February 6, 2009 Update:  The Obama Administration’s continued flirtation with law-breakers keeps getting worse and worse and worse.  Here are his latest poor choices:

Secretary of the Health and Human Services – Tom Daschle:  It seems the former senator “forgot” to pay $128,000 in taxes over three years.  He paid the back taxes plus $12,000 in interest and penalties seemingly right before his confirmation hearings.  It was also disclosed that Mr. Daschle also made millions of dollars since he failed to win re-election in 2004.  He was paid by a law firm, but is not a lawyer and claimed that he is not a lobbyist.  If it gets paid like a lobbyist and looks like a lobbyist and smells like a lobbyist, he mustn’t be a lobbyist.