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Outrageous Out-takes

Sometimes I feel like there is so much crap happening in the world that I don’t know which item to invest my effort.  Yesterday was one of those days as I read the paper and found far too many items to leave any of them without comment, but I did not want to dedicate a whole post to them.  So here are my quick comments:

Item one:  The ailing Senator Ted Kennedy is seeking to have the rules changed in case he cannot fulfill his term.  Rather than a special election, Kennedy is hoping that the Massachusetts legislature changes the rules to allow the Governor to appoint a replacement so that his state will not lack representation by two senators.  That sounds pretty reasonable especially since it worked so well in Illinois

Separated at Birth – Pettigrew/Waxman

For those of you Harry Potter fans, your probably recognize Mr. Peter Pettigrew as the wizard who betrayed James and Lily Potter leading to their death at the hands of He Who Must Not Be Named.  Pettigrew (AKA Wormtail) faked his death and hid for years as Scabbers the pet rat of one of Harry’s friends, Ron.  Pettigrew’s true identity came to light as he again tried to help The Dark Lord.

The rat persona was appropriate for Peter as he was a petty man living through the popularity of his friends.  Prone to bitterness, he betrayed them and framed another friend to take the blame.  Even his master found him contemptible:

A New Course For Our Country

You may not remember where you were when this bill was passed.  Most of the country was a twitter about Michael Jackson’s death.  Those of us in tune with politics did our screaming and yelling, but most Americans were busy listening as TV hosts speculated on how he died.  The timing was not good for Mr. Jackson, but could not have been better for the Obamacrats.

Here are some notable quotes:

“the most important energy and environmental legislation in the history of our country.  It sets a new course for our country, one that steers us away from foreign oil and towards a path of clean American energy.”