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Wishes and Glitches and Healthcare Oh My

imageHealth and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius stormed the Burgh yesterday to plug the Affordable Care Act snarkily referred to as Obamacare. With a big ASSist by Pittsburgh Steeler owner Dan Rooney. Rooney has not been shy about prostituting his football team to ASSist Obama in all things liberal. It did pay off as Rooney is coming off of his Obama-sponsored stint as Ambassador to Ireland. This latest gig has raised the ire of many conservatives as he used the publically-funded Heinz Field for the show. I don’t get the dismay or surprise. This Rooney and his Steeler empire have been feeding off of the public trough for a long time. They are a privately owned company until they need a new field, additions to the field, more seats in the field, the property around the field to name a few.

Free Market For Me

king kongAlmost two years ago I wrote a post about a battle between two behemoths in Pennsylvania.  Highmark is the largest health insurance provider in Pennsylvania and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) is one of the largest health care providers in the state and certainly the largest in the western part of the state.  A summary of the battle is that UPMC started offering their own health insurance years ago so they got into the insurance business.  A few years ago Highmark started to purchase some failing hospital in the Pittsburgh area.  These hospitals were competition for UPMC.  UMPC decided that it would, after an existing agreement expired, no longer accept Highmark health insurance at its facilities.  I think that I mentioned that Highmark is the largest insurance provider and that UMPC is pretty much the only game in town in the western part of the state.

Health Benefit Primer

I am not sure that this is a “real” letter, but it has REAL information!

imageHey everyone,

Following up on [N]’s email, I wanted to give to give some more background as to why we are considering a switch. In fact, I will take this as an opportunity to dive deeper into the health insurance world. Unfortunately, given the times we live in, we can no longer afford to be in the dark on this stuff. We have some tough choices ahead of us, if not now, then likely in a year or two. First, the short answer…

Stat Not

I had a recent experience dealing with the healthcare industry when my mother became ill. She went in with a condition that for those of us younger would take some antibiotics and be done, but when you’re elderly a simple illness can be fatal. It was interesting that when my wife heard her symptoms she made a diagnosis and the EMTs did the same. They ended up being correct as confirmed by the tests or so I thought.

True Cost of Obamacare

I have been listening and writing about President Obama’s push for  ”  I have been frustrated by the misinformation that is constantly provided by a frighteningly benign main stream media.  Even conservative pundits slide and use terminology that gives strength to the plunge into Obamacare. 

Everybody in America (that includes those who are here illegally) has HEALTH CARE,  what they all do not have is HEALTH INSURANCE!  100% of Americans have HEALTH CARE; the best health care in the world.  Ask the Canadians, Brits, and others who come here for treatments not available from their nationalized health care systems.