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image“Times like this, knowing a battle was coming, that an enemy masthead would soon peek over the horizon, he forced himself to take time to gather himself.  It was said he was good at war.  Maybe because he was so inordinantly fond of peace.”

A brilliant American scientist and his young family are abducted and no one knows why or where they were taken…

Lord Alexander Hawke comes on the radar of an old nemesis who’s disciples may be closer to his friends and family than he’d be comfortable with…

There is political upheaval in the United States government ani it seems vulnerable…


If you like action/adventure novels Ted Bell is one of my favorite writers.  If you have already read Bell’s other adventures of Sir Alex Hawke, you will really love this one.  In my opinion Tsar was by far the best of Ted Bell’s novels.  It was very difficult to put down…literally.

I was so entranced with the story of Hawke trying to save the world from a resurgent and brutal Russia that I almost skipped July 3 fireworks.  Our town actually had their fireworks on Friday night.  I was tempted to stay home and finish the book, but I had promised the family that I would go with them.  I did finish when I got home that night.  

Alex Hawke series by Ted Bell

The summer of 2008 seemed to be my season for spy novels.  I read Assassin by Ted Bell and could hardly put it down and ended up buying three of his other books.  They were just as entertaining.  Alex Hawke is a wealthy British man who fights evil throughout the world.  He has a great supporting cast and gadgets that would make 007 jealous. 

If you want to read some fast-paced spy novels and see some bad guys get what they deserve, read any of these books by Ted Bell:

Hawke (2003)
Assassin ((2004)
Pirate (2005)
Spy (2006)