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Darkest Fear

Harlan Coben is one of my favorite mystery writers and might I say prolific.  His recurring character, Myron Bolitar finds himself in a race against time when he is asked by an ex-girlfriend to track down a reluctant donor for very sick child.  She drops a bomb on Bolitar to give him the ultimate incentive to help her.  The trail twists and turns as the rush to find the person heats up.

Run Away

“Simon’s eyes stayed locked on the panhandling girl mangling John Lennon’s legacy. Her hair was matted clumps. Her cheekbones were sunken. The girl was rail-thin, raggedy, dirty, damaged, homeless, lost. She was also Simon’s daughter Paige.”

Harlan Coben is one prolific writer.  In Run Away we meet a family full of heart ache.  A family with a daughter, while not dead, is a much as dead with her addiction and abusive boyfriend.  We see this family face the question about how far would you go to save your child…would you commit murder?

Death Do Us Part

“No, I didn’t think about the dog.  It hadn’t hit me yet that taking on a big dog like Ruby was a major, life-changing responsibility.  I still felt grateful to my old buddy Frank for remembering what a good friend I’d always been.  When I murdered Frank, I never dreamed he’d leave Ruby to me.  Who’d believe he’d help me out by making me look like such a good guy?  I mean, you don’t leave your precious dog to the guy who murdered you – do you?”

Promise Me

“Six years.  That was how long it had been since Myron had played superhero.  In six years he hadn’t thrown a punch.  He hadn’t held, much less fired, a gun.  He hadn’t threatened or been threatened.  He hadn’t cracked wise with steroid-inflated pituitary glands.  He hadn’t called Win, still the scariest man he knew, to back him up or get him out of trouble.  In the past six years, none of his clients had been murdered – a real positive in his business.  None had been shot or wounded – well, except for that prostitution beef out in Las Vegas, but Myron still claimed that was entrapment.  None of his clients or friends or loved ones had gone missing…”

Stay Close

In my opinion, Harlan Coben is one of the better thriller writers out there today.  In Stay Close we meet Megan, a suburban mother of two who seems to have it all.  Unfortunately for Megan her past has caught up with her and she needs to face her skeletons…quite literally.  Can she face the past while protecting her hard won “soccer mom” life?  Can she atone for her past and still keep her marriage?  Does she want to?

Fool Me Once

In Fool Me Once, author Harlan Coben brings us into the life of Maya Burkett who, in the opening paragraph, has just buried her husband.  She finds herself alone with her 2 year-old daughter and while she has friends and family she feels alone and anxious to find the identity of the murderer.  Maya is a retired military pilot who suffers from PTSD, though still seems to long for the “action” of life deployed.  Life at home seems no better;

The Woods

woodsCounty prosecutor Paul Copeland is involved with a trial “ripped from the headlines” as he puts a couple of rich college students on trial for allegedly raping a young black woman.  The wealthy parents are not happy with Copeland’s prosecution and are determined to thwart him by ANY means necessary.  When some local police show up in relation to a murder victim his world is turned upside down and he has remember a tragedy from the past involving his family and a lost love. The Woods is where the tragedy happed decades ago and this is where the mystery needs to be solved…hopefully without another claiming another victim.

Drop Shot

drop shotI went back to the past to read an early Myron Bolitar novel by author Harlan Coben.  If you are not familiar with the series, Myron is a former athlete and current sports agent and he likes to solve murders in his spare time.  In Drop Shot he tries to solve the murder of a tennis star and the trail leads him a little too close to home and puts him at odds with some unsavory characters and some bad guys.  Oh and the lead detective doesn’t think much of him either.

Deal Breaker

Sometimes when you shop for books in the bargain section of HalfPrice Books the selection may be a little old though the quality can still be there.  Harlan Coben introduced his hero Myron Bolitar in this book in 1995. Bolitar is operating a fledgling sports agent agency and runs into a controversy (murder?) regarding his highest profile client, an ex-girlfriend and some rather unsavory characters.

While Deal Breaker is a mystery there isn’t all that much drama/suspense, but it did what all good stories do…it kept me up late finishing it.  That is, by my definition, a good story as you I have come to expect from Coben.  Some of the material in the book would not be suitable for youngsters so don’t let Junior read this!

Just One Look

I am not sure what the title of Harlan’s book has to do with the story, but his titles are perhaps the greatest in the suspense genre.  In Just One Look , housewife Grace Lawson’s life is turned upside down by a photograph that was slipped to her.  Her husband disappears, strange characters return from her tragic past, and she feels threatened for her and her children’s safety.  Oh and the police don’t seem to want to help.  And there is an oriental super villain thrown in for good measure.