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Red Velvet Cupcake Murder

red velvet“they were approaching Eden Lake and she lowered her window.  She loved the damp green smell of the lake with the teeming life beneath its surface.  Life on the shore was equally rich and plentiful.  Small animals scurried beneath the trees, insects flitted and buzzed in an effort to claim the air, and birds called from the tall trees that lined both sides of the road, their branches almost meeting overhead.”

Cinnamon Roll Murder

Murders, munchies, manipulation, machinations, mystery, and musicians.  For once someone other than Hannah finds the body though the family member who gets the “treat” still triggers a family investigation. In Cinnamon Roll Murder author Joanne Fluke deftly ties the murder mystery directly to Hanna Swensen’s personal life and the cliff hanger from her previous novel (Devil’s Food Cake Murder). 

I feel like I same about the same thing with each new edition of Fluke’s Hanna Swensen novels.  They are always enjoyable, but never keep me up at night “Jonesing” to finish.  This one is no different though Hanna is a little more spicy in her unspoken thoughts. 

Devil’s Food Cake Murder

Another fine mess Hanna Swensen finds herself in when she finds…yes another dead body.  One might wonder why a small Minnesota town like Lake Eden has so many murders or one can just enjoy the mystery.  A murder once again has Ms. Swensen and her cohorts on the trail of the killer.  I think that this novel didn’t quite have a “novel” ending as the criminal was somewhat predictable.  As usual the intensity and intrigue isn’t part of the formula for the Devil’s Food Cake Murder, but it is a very enjoyable read.  I truly look forward to each new edition by Joanne Fluke.