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The Beggar King

beggar kingImagine a murder mystery where the investigator doesn’t have a cell phone, electronic surveillance, laboratory tests, DNA evidence, or any real modern tools. If you are thinking Sherlock Holmes you’d need to go back in time a few centuries to a simpler yet seemingly crueler time; A time when your guilt was decided then you were tortured until you confessed. No imagine that you were the “hangman” who was tasked with inducing the confession out of the accused and the tables were turned.

The Dark Monk

Imagine a murder mystery set in seventh century Bavaria with a hangman(Jacob Kuisl), his daughter (Magdalena), and the son of a local doctor (Simon Fronwieser) as the sleuths.  Add to the mystery that the author, Oliver Potzsch, is a descendant of the hangman’s family.  In The Dark Monk, Oliver Potzsch’s second “hangman’s daughter” novel, we have a mysterious death after a mysterious discovery at an ancient church.  This novel requires elemental sleuthing as there are no DNA tests or ballistics to be run.  It is a refreshing mystery without all the high-tech stuff.  It also is a glimpse into a world and a time that we only see in movies involving vampires.  It is a brutal time full of death and dark monks…

The Hangman’s Daughter

Author Oliver Potzsch is a descendant of one of Bavaria’s dynasties of executioners, the Kuisls.  Potzsch draws upon his family history to paint his characters, their lives, and the “jobs” that they were born to do.  The Hangman’s Daughter is not a macabre account of brutal executions, though there is some of that, it is a murder mystery that happens to take place in a small Bavarian town, Shongau.  No mere executioner Jakob Kuisl is a healer, torcherer, and garbage man.  He must overcome the prejudices about his career to solve a mystery before an innocent is killed and mayhem ensues.