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Yahoo Sweet Sixteen

I have no idea how old Yahoo is, nor do I care.  This post started rather innocently as I often peek at the Yahoo headlines sometime during the day.  Sometimes I even get an inspiration from one of the headlines as with Life Unlock on January 24th.  I started paying attention to the headlines and found a trend with their home page…disturbing to me, but not surprising.  I think this is a GREAT illustration of the liberal bias that the mainstream media and even many new media outlets adhere to. 

Before I continue with sixteen “candles” of Yahoo bias here is a basic rundown of their position:

Great News…Great Day!

As we sleaze toward America’s midterm elections in three weeks I found a source of light.  I am enjoying the rapid decline of the Progressives, but the slime being brought forth is tiring to anyone who pays a lot of attention to politics.

I spent most of the day yesterday driving my daughter back to college from a break and then returning home.  It is a tiring day.  I tuned into Fox News and one of my new favorite shows, On The Record with Greta Van Susteren.  Unlike many of her prime-time colleagues on Fox News, she conducts interviews and lets her guests talk without interuption.  She asks the tough questions listens to the answers allowing us to hear them too.