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After Alice

after alice

“Until now, Ada had been drifting through this unusual day with disregard for what she’d left behind and for what might lie ahead.  Had it occurred to her to ask the question –  what is this adventure like? – she might have concluded that her visit seemed like a story or a dream.  In any case, it didn’t correspond to life as she had known it so far.”

What The Dickens

Gregory Maguire is the unofficial king of the twisted fairy tale. What-the-Dickens, the “story of a rogue tooth fairy is another classic tome by Maguire where he gives you a glimpse inside the world of the skibbereen, the tiny creatures that have assumed the task of retrieving discarded teeth and leaving coins for human youths.  If you want to know why you have to peek into Maguire’s mind and the best way to do that is to read the book.

Out of Oz

I think that Gregory Maguire has saved his best for last.  His fourth and final book in the Wicked Years saga, Out of Oz may be my favorite.  Pitched against the backdrop of war, Maguire brings back many favorites to conclude the series.   The story centers around Elphaba’s granddaughter as she matures and faces the consequences of her ancestors’ actions.  Even Dorothy make a return visit to Oz. 

A Lion Among Men

In his third book offering different and darker views of the characters in Frank L Baum’s beloved Oz series, Gregory Maguire features the Cowardly Lion.  Maguire’s “Wicked” writings are intertwined with familiar folks like Dorothy, Glinda, Elphaba, Scarecrow, and, of course, the Wizard of Oz.

A Lion Among Men recounts the misadventures of the Lion.  In this episode, Oz and Munchkinland are warring over water.  The lion is sent on a mission to find out about the Elphaba’s (Wicked Witch of the West) magic book, the Grimmerie.  As he questions an oracle, she turns the tables on him and we find out about his troubled past.