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Clear As The Moon

clear as the moonThe sixth and final volume in The Great And Terrible series by author Chris Stewart brings to a close this monumental story in Clear as the Moon.  The action is again focused on the occurrences in and around the destruction of Washington D.C. and the impacts of the EMP attack on the rest of the country.  Seemingly outsmarted at every turn those forces for “good” seem to have only one chance at victory as they have to send one of their own into the den of the enemy.  Though weakened they still have the capability to achieve their task and set the world right.

From The End Of Heaven

from the end of heavenIt’s 10:47 am on a Saturday.  A Saturday after which I spent the early part of Friday evening finishing the fourth novel in Chris Stewar’s Great And Terrible series only to immediately start into this the fifth in the series. From the End of Heaven continues the story of the Brightons, though the story is more than about them.  They perhaps can be described by me as the backbone of the tale.  The United States is rapidly falling into chaos and chaos is what Lucifer loves.  We see more and more the depth and reach of our nation’s enemies and what they will do to grab power.  Though still full of devastating images the “Light” is beginning to have a stronger presence.  We are reunited with an old friend from the first book as he works to guide mortal souls.

Fury & Light

fury and light“WAR PLAN WHITEWOLF SUMMARY:  Find out who did it.  Bring their world to an end.  And that was it, in essence.  That was WhiteWolf at its core.  Use every resource available to the United States to find out who had attacked them, then retaliate in kind.”

The Second Sun

second sunThe Second Sun is the third in Chris Stewart’s Great and Terrible series.  It picks up the story from Where Angels Fall and follows the main characters as they battle the evil that befalls them.  Though the paranormal forces, both good and evil, are not as frequent they are present in the actions of the combatants.  The book travels on smoothly, but one of the opening quotes in the book gives a clear indication of the furious ending or should I say beginning of the fourth volume?

“The blood-dimmed tide is loosed and everywhere the ceremony on innocence is drowned.”

The Brothers

the brothers“Pretend you want to help them while whispering deceits in their ears.  Only lie when you have to.  Speak the truth when you can; for the truth, once it’s twisted, is the most effective tool we have.  Coat all your lies with enough truth, and they will swallow it down…evil can be twisted into virtue if you phrase it just right.  Any vice is acceptable if you cloak it in an issue of freedom.  Any immorality is worth fighting for if you tell them they are fighting for choice, if you wrap it in the mantle of privacy and freedom.”