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Deadly Web

“The streets were completely empty. It was one in the morning on a Wednesday, and most of the city’s drunk or homeless didn’t hang out in this neighborhood. The windows around them were dark. Only she and Bernard traversed the empty street, on their way to meet a dead man.”

That’s a pretty great lead into the novel (though from page twenty five) or maybe a good lead into a book review?  This is the second in Mike Omer’s Glenmore Park novels featuring Detective Hannah Shor who is desperate to redeem herself after her mistakes in the recent serial killings in the small town (Spider’s Web).  When a seemingly normal man is violently murdered, his unknown, darker side is discovered and provides a long list of suspects.

Spider’s Web

A relative suggest that one of her favorite authors is Mike Omer and that I should try one of his novels.  Spider’s Web seemed like a good place to start and I borrowed for free with Amazon Prime.  Cannot beat that price.

“When Kendele selected the songs for her jogging playlist, she didn’t pause to think “What if I die hearing this?”  It wasn’t a question that normally occurred to her, though perhaps on that day it should have.”