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Post Card From the Edge – Health Care Reform

You may have gathered from reading my posts (Thank you so much for coming back) that I listen to a lot of talk radio.  A recurring theme that I have noticed lately is when the host “goes to the phones” to talk to callers.  Many have been asking about what to do next.  They have attended protests, called their elected officials, they e-mail, they get frustrated.  A local host (Glen Meakem) made a suggestion recently that is a great idea.

Where Are These Angels?

I was fortunate to be listening to “America’s Morning Show” today.  Quinn and Rose were on vacation and the substitute host was Glen Meakem.  I have heard Mr. Meakem speak before, most recently at the Pittsburgh Tea Party on July 4th.

During the show Mr. Meakem played an audio clip of Phil Donohoe interviewing Milton Friedman about capitalism and greed.  As you probably know Phil Donohoe had routinely battled Alan Alda for the most whipped male on the planet.  For the younger crowd, Phil would be like today’s Oprah, except for being a white male.  I would venture that their politics are pretty parallel.

Pittsburgh Tea Party

Happy Birthday America!

I attended my first TEA Party this morning.  I did not know quite what to expect and one of my daughters even told me to me to be careful.  I told her that it was not that kind of protest.  I would guess that around one thousand like-minded people got together to share their displeasure with what is going on in Washington.  I could not attend any tax day tea parties as I work and could not rearrange my schedule.