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Cash For Clunkers

I saw the following headline in Pittsburgh’s supposedly more conservative newspaper this morning:

‘Green’ rebates jump-start auto sales

Unless you have been hiding in a box, the news is flush all of a sudden with news of this program where you can get up to a $4,500 rebate when you trade in your clunker for a newer and more fuel efficient model.  I have heard a few conservative pundits talk about the program today and generally disparage the program because of its “green” roots.

Stupid White Man

Even though he may me the most irrelevant rich guy on Earth, I can not help but note Michael Moore’s latest attempt at lucidity.  I did say attempt because he did not achieve anything close to clarity.  On June 1, 2009 Moore expressed his delight at the demise of General Motors, herein called Government Motors.  He claims to be troubled by the expected loss of jobs, but he cannot hold back his elation.