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Friday The 13th Plus 7

Photo window sighSo the actual Friday the thirteenth was not that eventful except for the 11 hour drive from Providence, Rhode Island, but the next one was thoroughly weird for me. One of the things I like to do is walk before I start my day. To kill that bird and avoid traffic I generally walk at work as there are nice areas to stroll…power stroll that is. My work parking lot is next to a rowing club and many of the adult (meaning working stiffs) and college student row in the morning and they often take a lot of our parking spaces which sucks. Worse though is the influx of high school rowers that come in around 3:00. These are very sketchy (i.e. lousy) drivers.

Travel Treasure – The Original Oyster House

There are still a few iconic restaurants in Pittsburgh that I enjoy. They are not the fancy, five-star tablecloth joints, but the kind of places that attract all types of people. Karma led me to one today that I had not been to in probably a decade. I had the dubious task of getting tires on one of our company vehicles. There were some “issues” with what work needed to be done and since our service approvals are centralized I was captive until the issue was resolved and the repairs complete.