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Polls & Pills

Continuing with the full court press to keep his foot in the door of separation of church and state, Obama-ites are polling out all the stops.  Get it “polling” out all of the stops?

Public backs Obama in birth control fight, poll suggests

Obama, liberals, secularists, progressives, Democrats, and their ilk all love the battle started by Obama against the Catholic Church.  His latest shot (I’m not sure that it was his first) was to try, through Obamacare, to FORCE the Catholic Church to provide free services for contraceptive, sterilization, and certain prescriptions (i.e. the morning after pill) to all of their employees.  These services are directly contradictory to Catholic beliefs and teachings.  Needless to say the Catholics balked, screamed, and made Obama “back off,” but he really didn’t.  His response was to simply require the insurance companies provide the services.  As if the extra costs associated with these services won’t be passed along for the Church to pay.

The Incomplete Far Side

One of my first posts was a review of a compilation of the complete works of Gary Larson’s The Far Side.  It is perhaps the most viewed post of my web site.  Two days ago I received an email message from Mr. Larson’s company or agent who apparently surfs the web looking for unauthorized uses of Mr. Larson’s works.  I admit to having used a few cartoons as part of my review, but I do believe that their use was reasonable and part of my review though I have to admit to getting carried away.  Perhaps I was enjoying his work too much.  I was somewhat offended by the implication that I somehow was illegally using Larson’s work and true to my form substituted this image for the cartoons:

On The Spam Again

It is funny that the day I posted my second article about interesting/weird messages I get with spam, my spam blocker caught over 100 new spam (that’s a lot for me).  So as long as spammers post silly spam I will share with you their insights, poor English, compliments, and their attempts to lure me into their porn sites.  This collection is the best(or worst) of the best from Akismet’s 5,000 caught spam since my last 5,000 caught spam, which is 5,000 more (that is 15,000 spam in case you are keeping track).  I don’t embellish or fix their spelling:

Just A Note

I just want to thank all of you who faithfully or otherwise visit framingthedialogue.  Yesterday marked the second anniversary for this website and I look forward to the next twelve months.  If I had one request of you I would really like to hear more comments (except for that liberal lady from the Costco posting).  It is really rewarding to hear your opinions from time to time.  Lavish praise is also welcomed.

I actually have another favor.  If you like framingthedialogue tell your friends and have them take a look at it.  If you hate framingthedialogue tell twice as many friends to have them look at it. 

Don’t Be Cross When I

Of all places to get inspiration, my muse for this post revealed herself in the Costco dining area where I was about to enjoy one of their quarter pound hot dogs and a pop (that’s what we call it in Pittsburgh) for only $1.70.  A new mother (I think you may know where this is going) decided to feed her infant child.  She was very modest, but the “tent” that she erected was like an eye magnet.  It was like passing an accident; you don’t want to look, but you still do. 

Tilting At Windmills

Blowback on windmills was the headline that caught my eye in the “letters” section of Pittsburgh’s Tribune Review.  The letter was from Sarah Howell, the vice president, public affairs, for the American Wind Energy Association.  Ms. Howell’s response to the original article titled The Windmill Sham was understandable given her position advocating windmills.

The original editorial piece was critical of the number of jobs created by government subsidies of the alternative energy industry.  The author made the mistake of siting actual data from the Spanish government showing that the actual cost of each new job was around $333,333.00.  Of course the response from the wind folks touted how many jobs were created because of government support/subsidy of the industry. 

Happy Birthday!

Framing the dialogueYesterday marked the one year anniversary of Framing The Dialogue.  The idea for the web site started many months before that when I registered the name.  My original hope was to call it “Framing The Debate,” but that site name was taken.  In retrospect, Dialogue is better than Debate.  I was eventually able to get Debate so look for that site sometime in the future where I hope to encourage more of you to participate in debates.

I would like to thank all who follow the site and hope that you keep coming back.  I had recently added the “Share This” feature so that you can forward postings to friends. 

A Quick Look Back…and Ahead

It has been just over six months since I started Framing the Dialogue.  Here I am writing my 162nd posting as I sit on my gradio (grass patio or as some would call it my yard).  Wireless Internet is a great thing!

I recently checked my Google stats and Framing the Dialogue has had over 300 unique visitors since Google has started tracking this site and most of them have been from the United States.  Oddly enough, I have had visits from the Czech Republic (their president was one of my True American Heroes), the Netherlands, Spain (I visited there when I was in high school many years ago…maybe they remember me), Belgium, France, Poland, Australia, Great Britain (another of my True American Heroes, Daniel Hannan, hails from England), and Canada.

An Open Letter to Senator Cornyn

Senator John Cornyn
National Republican Senatorial Committee
425 Second Street, NE
Washington, DC  20002

April 9, 2009

Dear Senator Cornyn,

I received your letter yesterday that contained the Republican Strategy Survey.  While I appreciate your request for my opinion, I fear that this was just a gimmick to get me to send a “generous contribution” to the National Republican Senatorial Committee.  My suspicions were heightened because I also received a similar request from Michael Steele and another Republican organization that same day, though they were not interested in my opinion like you.