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There’s A Whole Lot O Fracking Out There

Fricking-Fracking-NIMBYMany times as I read an article I find a few sentences that capture the essence of the piece. In “Phrase-e-ology” I’ll post some thoughts followed by key phrases. As always I’ll have a link (in blue) to the original article…

You could have knocked me over with a feather. My eyes saw it, my mind read it, my head shook in disbelief. Though not the Holy Grail I did read an actual balance article on energy from the Associated Press. Maybe journalism is not dead yet? Two writers from the AP take on some celebrities who have talked the talk, but not walked the walk, nor even have gotten the talk quite right…

Parsimony – You Didn’t Drill That

Yet again an Associated Press story is the muse of a Parsimony post. I don’t seek out AP stories, but it often seems like their reporting often shows the bias of the mainstream media. This article is just in time for the 2012 election cycle and puppets Obama’s misspeak (by misspeak I of course he blurted out what he really believes) regarding government’s role in funding private business. By the way this was a front page article in my local “conservative” newspaper.

First the headline (with a link to the original story)…

Federal Dollars Fueled Natural Gas Boom

…Now the story with my bold comments: