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Headline Humor – Volume VIII

I know many of these stories are serious, but the headlines removed the restrain from my brain and we get headline humor. These are the actual headlines as I found on-line. When you click on the headline you will be taken to the original story which more often than not has nothing to do with my vision of the headline.

Obama summer reading list leans toward fiction

Obama summer reading list leans toward fiction – Part deux

Playboy Mansion illness traced to hot tub bacteria

Lindsay Lohan Might Teach Acting Classes at Homeless Shelter


Hold Tight

Hold TightImagine that your a well-off suburban father and you find yourself deep in the inner city as you search for your troubled teenager.  Or imagine that you are a mother who recently went back to work as a lawyer only to be pulled away because your son has disappeared.

In Hold Tight you are thrust into worlds of murder, drugs, cyber-spying, infidelity, a chauvinistic cop, a smart cop, cell phones, and of all things an elementary school.  Somehow author Harlan Coben links these together in a riveting novel.  One of the things that I enjoyed is that I could sort of figure out what might happen as the story progressed, even though I was not always right, yet this did not detract from the story.  I was pulled along because of the pace of the story.