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News Briefs – Volume XXIX Land of the Free

News briefs are a collection of interesting news stories.  This edition is all about America the land of the free.  The “free” used to refer to our God-given freedoms outlined in our founding documents, but the term has mutated over decades of nanny-state policies to mean what the government “gives” us for free.  There is perhaps no better continuing example of the progressive, left-winged, drive-by, main-stream media’s collusion with Democrats than its continuing dumbing down of Americans.  Although the scarier part is that many accept, even crave the handouts.

Cash For Clunkers

I saw the following headline in Pittsburgh’s supposedly more conservative newspaper this morning:

‘Green’ rebates jump-start auto sales

Unless you have been hiding in a box, the news is flush all of a sudden with news of this program where you can get up to a $4,500 rebate when you trade in your clunker for a newer and more fuel efficient model.  I have heard a few conservative pundits talk about the program today and generally disparage the program because of its “green” roots.

The Blob: a Metaphor

Update January 7, 2009:  Oddly enough, just days after posting this, I was watching a show about weird places to go in Pennsylvania and saw a segment on The Blob.  An annual Blobfest is held each year in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania at the Colonial Theatre where part of the movie was filmed.  The Blob lives.

I was reading the paper this morning, in fact, I stopped reading the paper to write this.  The article that I started reading reminded me of a scary movie that I watched when I was younger.  I remembered it as somewhat frightening, but by today’s standards of animation and special effects, it would probably appear quite lame.