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Highway Etiquette

Fresh from my experiences with Waiting Room Etiquette at my wife’s auto dealership I had the pleasure of logging around a thousand miles traveling to visit family over the last ten days.  Unfortunately I had to share this time with many other drivers.  I know that polls show that we all think we are superior drivers and we can do anything we want; the rules should only apply to the other guy.  In my case that is true, but the rest of you need to show some etiquette so that superior drivers like me can get to our destinations unimpeded.

Waiting Room Etiquette

The title of this post is probably an oxymoron based on my recent experience.  I was off work so my wonderful wife asked me to take her car for new tires, an oil change, a new cup holder and to get her brakes checked.  Her car is new and under warranty so she still takes it to the dealer which is around 40 minutes from our house.  Too far to go home so I waited for the work to be done.

Talk To The Hand

“Yo Taylor!  I’m really happy for you.  Imma let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time.”

Kanye West (as he stripped the microphone from the actual video award winner, Taylor Swift)

Talk to the handUnless you are totally out of the celebrity loop, you have probably seen the video of what may be the quintessential act of rudeness by a person who is quickly amassing quite a resume of ill-mannered stunts.  It is actually rather ironic that the offensive and self-absorbed Kanye West criticized Swift when he seems to rely on Autotune to improve the sound of his voice.  To their credit, most of the crowd booed West and gave a standing ovation to the young Taylor Swift after West left the stage.