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Liberal Alters – Religion

I know what you are thinking…Liberals seem to abhor religion and will stop at nothing to denigrate the beliefs of others.  Their absolute worship of the anti-religion in and of itself is a religion.  I cannot say that they are atheists outright, but many of them maintain only loose ties to the religion in which their parents raised them.  I differentiate those from people like me who are believers and live the faith, but don’t like to go to church.  I wouldn’t call myself a religious person, but I believe in God and work to live my life according to my Catholic faith…except for the whole going to church every Sunday.  I also believe (and am counting on) that God is merciful and forgiving and understanding and forgiving.

And They Let Them Drive!

Perhaps worse than being tailgated by some idiot is following another with inane messages adorning their car’s rear.  I cannot call them bumper stickers because so many of these whack-jobs do not have a clue where to find that part of their car.  Here are some of my least favorites…

I was taking my youngest to JoAnn Fabrics to pick up some supplies for a school project and came across this gem.  I usually let these pass, but this one really pissed me off.  The nerve of some idiot actually equating a human life with the life of an animal that we might kill and eat. 

For What It’s Worth

As I was driving home from a TEA Party on Saturday I had the radio on for noise as I was planning my posting for the event.  The lyrics of a Buffalo Springfield song caught my ear and as I listened closer it was ironic how the lyrics fit today’s events.  Written in 1967 by Stephen Stills as a reaction to clashes between young and the establishment, For What It’s Worth became an anthem for anti-Viet Nam War activists…1960s radicals.