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Separated At Birth – Whiplash/Holder

Whiplash - Holder

Snidely Whiplash was the tireless antagonist to Canadian Mountie, Dudley Do-Right, in the 1960s cartoon.  The tireless villain in the cartoon melodrama often made Nell Fenwick the object of his schemes where she often ended up tied to a railroad track.  Often foiled by Do-Right, Snidely never gave up his machinations to do evil.  Whiplash was portrayed as a bright yet evil man who was often beaten by a lesser Dudley.  One senses that the dual for “right” had been going on long before the series.

We Are Not At War With Islam

Lest You Forget!

Lest You Forget!

The title of this piece is sort of a quote from a speech that President Obama gave to the Turkish legislature in April 2009.  His actual words were; “The United States is not, and will never be, at war with Islam.”  Many of his and his administrations actions certainly bear out his words.  In light of the recent events at Fort Hood and his response to that tragedy, I started to look back at his words and more importantly his actions.  I should let you know that by “his actions” I do mean things that he has done and that members of his administration have done.

A Call For Third World Politics

A series of events over the past few months have made me consider the logic of third world politics.  I am not talking about killing people or imprisoning detractors.  That is what happens in places like Cuba, China and Iran.  What I am thinking about is the prosecution of the prior ruling party by the new ruling party. 

holder-ciaMany of us were abhorred by the possibility that Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, is open to investigating and prosecuting members of the CIA for alleged torture of Islamic terrorists.  That sickened me to think that this administration would politicize the folks who have kept us safe for over seven years.  This was strike one.

Living In The Twilight Zone

February 6, 2009 Update:  The Obama Administration’s continued flirtation with law-breakers keeps getting worse and worse and worse.  Here are his latest poor choices:

Secretary of the Health and Human Services – Tom Daschle:  It seems the former senator “forgot” to pay $128,000 in taxes over three years.  He paid the back taxes plus $12,000 in interest and penalties seemingly right before his confirmation hearings.  It was also disclosed that Mr. Daschle also made millions of dollars since he failed to win re-election in 2004.  He was paid by a law firm, but is not a lawyer and claimed that he is not a lobbyist.  If it gets paid like a lobbyist and looks like a lobbyist and smells like a lobbyist, he mustn’t be a lobbyist.

A Tale of Two Pardons

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,
it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness. . . .
                                                                  Charles Dickens

It was the best of times,

I heard on the news today that President Bush (yes he still is President) commuted the sentences of two border guards, Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean.  The trial, conviction and sentencing of Ramos and Compean became a rallying point for many who believe that our elected politicians want open borders.