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Not For Profit

Arthur Amolpid got out of high school in 1950.  While his grades weren’t that great his job prospects were even worse.  Art, however, was an entrepreneur before the term was commonly used and looked for a way to make it on his own.  Fortunately his folks didn’t mind that he stayed with them while he pursued his dream.  He just needed to figure out what that dream was.  His parents were not that well to do and lived within their modest means, but Arthur felt comfortable with the wealthy and frequently socialized with the more affluent crowd. 

Roadside Entrepreneurship

We spent a fair amount of time this summer traveling to visit family.  On the route we take to visit my in-laws in Maryland I had really noticed the number of folks who look to attract drivers to their businesses.  There have always been the standard yard or garage sales and roadside produce stands, but there seemed to more, both in number and variety of entrepreneurial ventures…hence the title of this post.  This will kind of be a lazy post as it features a lot of pictures and fewer words.  I know that you probably had a long week and don’t want to read a lot.