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Full Black

Released in the heat of the summer of 2011, Full Black adds more heat as super agent Scot Harvath is once again thrust in the middle of a vast terrorist network.  Their intent is the same, but the methods and leaders may surprise you.  Author Brad Thor hits another home run in this latest thriller as Harvath and company race across the globe struggling to prevent further attacks.  The list of perpetratorstouch on all of America’s “enemies;” China, Russia, Middle East, Britain, and Globalists.  All Harvath knows is that his security is compromised hence the need to go “full black” refering to deep deep cover. 

Known and Unknown

I debated whether to read Donald Rumsfeld’s memoir and passed it several times as it laid on display at Costco.  I think like many people I was tired of hearing about the Bush Administration and wanted to look forward to 2012 rather than rehash the past.  Obviously I relented and I was very surprised at the long and varied career of Mr. Rumsfeld.  His story chronicles some of the seminal events in American history and he often had a front row seat which helps explain some of the vitriol spewed at him over the last few years. 

Early Warning

Michael Walsh’s follow-up to his thriller, Hostile Intent, brings back NSA super agent code named Devlin.  America is attacked again and Devlin is called upon to help subdue the bad guys and by subdue I mean kill.  That’s the ultimate in subdue.  There is the usual wanton violence by sadistic terrorists and there are places for you to cheer for the good guy, but Early Warning left me flat for a number of reasons. 

American Assassin

I don’t know how author Vince Flynndoes it, I just hope that he does it for a very very long time.  In his latest Mitch Rapp novel Flynn takes us back to the beginning of Rapp’s “career” navigating in the World’s sleazy underworld of terrorists, mobsters, gun dealers, corrupt bankers, and crocked politicians.  After intense training, super hero Mitch Rapp becomes an American Assassin as he brings the fight to our enemies.  We get to hate the Russians and Islamic Extremists in the same book.  Cocky and brash would be appropriate words to describe Rapp, but you would have to add highly successful to the list of the CIA’s covert operative.  Covert may not be the proper term as there is no direct, official connection between Rapp’s group and the CIA. 


It’s official, Scot Harvath is not only hazardous to the health of America’s enemies, he is hazardous to the health of any reader lucky enough to read about his exploits.  Surely I jest, but I often stay up very late engrossed by the lengths Brad Thor’s hero takes to destroy his enemies making me less than chipper the following morning.

Blowback takes us on a world-wide search and destroy mission to stop a jihadist threat against the United States using weapons perhaps more frightening than nuclear.  Thor borrows from the headlines to develop his characters including a female carpetbag senator who is rather unlikeable and is married to a philandering husband.