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One Of These Things


This page from a recent Costco magazine immediately reminded me of that old Sesame Street skit One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other.  The look on the little plush lamb’s face is quite understandable!


Travel Treasure – Slovak Folk Crafts

If the first, second, and third rules of starting a successful retail business are location, location, and location then the Slovak Folk Crafts store will close within the hour.  Located near (but in the opposite direction) as the Grove City Prime Outlet mall near Grove City, PA the small store features a selection of “Slovak” arts and craft items.  My favorite are the hand decorated Easter eggs or psyanky as we called it.  We learned to apply alternate layers of hot wax designs between dips of our eggs in different colors of dye when I was growing up.  The Slovak Folk Craft Store offers a wider variety of decorated eggs hand crafted in the “old country.” 

Caption This – Bunn E. Hopp

Some pictures SCREAM for us to use our creativity.  In the Caption This series I’ll start it off and hopefully you’ll pitch in.

“That’s Ryan down toward the fence on the left, blue suit and an orange tie.  You know what you have to do!”

“Hey remind me how you fit into the resurection of Jesus”

“I know you have a pack under there.  I will gladly pay you on Tuesday for a cigarette today.”

“Wait.  Wait.  Wait.  Ahh.  You got your own little stimulus from Obama!”

PC Guide to Holidays

As the Easter holiday (Holy Day) approaches there are stories about how secularists are attempting to “PC” the holiday. Perhaps the saddest story was a Seattle school that reportedly diminished an Easter egg hunt by renaming the eggs as “Spring Spheres.” Spring Spheres! How silly is this? Can there be any holiday symbol more secular than a rabbit that somehow lays colorful eggs filled with candy? I just don’t see any connection between the bunny and either Passover or Jesus dying on the cross. Another thing that bugged me was the whole “sphere” label. Perhaps calling an egg-shaped object a “sphere” is illustrative of the decline of our public learning institutions. It should have been called a “Spring Ovoid.” I’m just saying!

Travel Treasure – Byzantine Seminary Press

I travel a little and often come across unique places.  Many are duds, some are interesting, but some are stunning and cool.  This series is about the stunners. 

I didn’t have to travel very far for this one.  I first discovered it after my Father passed away in 2004.  I was looking for some mementos for my children to remember him by and to commemorate his life.  He was always proud of his Byzantine heritage (yes we are Catholics too) and I wanted to get each of them a cross to be blessed by his priest during the memorial services.  Our Byzantine cross is different from the one used in the Roman Catholic church in that it includes the place where Jesus’ feet were and the sign that was hung mocking him (see photo – the Byzantine cross is on left).  Most religious stores do not sell these crosses. 

I’m A Cart Watcher

A hobby that I have developed is cart watching.  When we Costco shop we generally have lunch and I love to watch what other people buy.  A friend of mine calls it the 200 club because that is about what it costs to get out of the store.  I recently spoke to the local manager on a busy Saturday and he told me that their revenue averages around a half million dollars on a typical Saturday.  It is amazing how fast you can get to a hundred or even two hundred dollars. 

Easter Surprise

The image has been altered to protect my stupidity!

This was an unusual Easter for us as our son celebrates his 21st birthday on Easter.  Our family got together the day before to celebrate our family Easter so it was just going to be us today.  We decided to get him as one of his gifts a case of beer.  I am sure that it was his first one!  We needed some for home also so I thought to get two different kinds and divide them up giving us both some variety.