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The Outlaw Sea

“the ocean’s easy disregard for human constructs, its size, the strength of its storms, and the privacy provided by its horizons…many admit that it is chaos, not control, that is on the rise.  They have learned what future historians may be able to see even more clearly, that our world is an ocean world, and it is wild.”

If you know nothing about the oceans this work will give you some perspective.  We all learned that 75 percent of the Earth is covered by water, but we really have no clue what that really means; how vast the world’s oceans and seas are and what it takes to tame these waters.

The OBA Administration

I’d like to suggest that the Obama Administration be renamed the OBA Administration or the Obama Back-Assward Administration.  When most of us have a problem we try to find and fix using logic.  For instance, my car was having some trouble starting so I had the battery and alternator checked.  If I were to act like the Obama Back-Assward Administration, I would probably have my key checked.  It would be funny except that these folks are “running” the country or should I say “ruining” the country…